Open World PC Gaming

Open World PC Gaming

I have been a long time player of video games starting with the AtariST. When the open world genre really started to take off I fell in love with it, especially Dayz mod. On the back of the mod I started a website called Dayz Dose which followed the development of the game. Buty then more and more great open world games started to be released and so I closed Dayz Dose and started Open World PC Gaming. We now cover hand picked open world games alongside interesting subjects like science, space, CGI, short films and more. I am always looking out for like minded creative people to help contribute to the site, if that's you please get in touch.

One thought on “Medieval Engineers – Update 02.059 – Bugfixing | Keen Software House Forums

  • 24th November 2016 at 1:55 am

    Hello There I would just like to report a bug with the first mission when I spawn in everything was fine then I did what it told me to do and place guns on the ship but after I placed them I wanted to change the color so it would match but when I broke one of the missile pods it said that my ship was damaged and it would spawn a new one but it spawn it on top of the first one it damaged the new one which spawns another one I think you see where this went after the lag stopped I counted 7 ships spawn on top of each other then after that one of the ships hit the wall and it spawn tons more ships my game is sort of frozen right now and my computer is lagging some i have to shut SE down please look into this


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