Black Desert Online | Could Open World Dungeons Work?

I remember when playing Dark Age of Camelot that one of my favorite ‘dungeons’, Spindelhalla, was a non-instanced location set in the open game world. As a classic dungeon alongside other locations such as Nisse’s Lair or Darkness Falls it demonstrated that there isn’t always a need to instance a location in order for it to be fun and functional.

Source: Black Desert Online | Could Open World Dungeons Work? | MMORPG

Open World PC Gaming

Open World PC Gaming

I have been a long time player of video games starting with the AtariST. When the open world genre really started to take off I fell in love with it, especially Dayz mod. On the back of the mod I started a website called Dayz Dose which followed the development of the game. Buty then more and more great open world games started to be released and so I closed Dayz Dose and started Open World PC Gaming. We now cover hand picked open world games alongside interesting subjects like science, space, CGI, short films and more. I am always looking out for like minded creative people to help contribute to the site, if that's you please get in touch.

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