Dayz One Life Application

Dayz One Life 2

Welcome to the Dayz One Life application form. Please provide the correct information so we can add you to the survivor list.

If you wish to be a One Life survivor and are capable of streaming Dayz live via Twitch or Youtube, then please fill out the form below. All applicants will be accessed and contacted ASAP. We have recently created a Dayz One Life Facebook group feel free to join.

Dayz One Life is the brainchild of and is intended to place all the survivors under immense pressure. Imagine only having ONE LIFE in Dayz, one chance to survive as long as possible, no respawn or false starts, ONE LIFE, that’s it. How would you play differently? Then on top of all the pressure of surviving, add to it the possibility of being Hunted by fellow survivors on one of the busiest UK hardcore servers out there, the UK Alliance server.